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Appetizers & Hors D'oeures

Sample Menu: 

1-Meatballs w/sauce

2-Cheese Display

3-Fruit in Season

4-Shrimp Cocktail

5-Glazed Ham & Rolls

6-Punch, mints & nuts

                        = 6 items @ $3.17 each = $18.90 per guest


Menu Options:

*Meatballs w/ sauce

*Cube Cheese & Crackers

*Fruit in Season w/ dip

*Hickory, Fried, Lemon Pepper, & Hot Chicken Wings

*Smokies w/sauce

*Fresh Vegetable Display w/creamy ranch or spinach dip

*Barbecue Riblets

*Carving Station, Sliced or on Rolls: Ham, Turkey and Roast Beef

* Cheese Ball and Logs

*Rotel Cheese Dip w/ or with out Turkey or Beef

*Chocolate Covered Strawberries

*Chicken Salad Croissant or Pastry

*Finger Sandwiches choose from: Homemade Tuna, Ham Salad & Pimento Cheese

*Chicken, Shrimp and Beef Tenderloin Kabobs

* Shrimp Cocktail

*Miniature Quiche

*Egg Roll vegetable, Chicken and Pork

*Deviled Eggs

* Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon

*Miniature Beef Wellington


* And Your Personal Favorite!

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